An extraordinary achievement, bewitching in its natural beauty.
Every Musza sapphire evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, with its hidden depths beckoning to be discovered.



Unique Design

Allow our luscious sapphires to enchant you,
complimented by the dazzling brilliance of the finest white diamonds.

This intricate and unique design inspired from the imperial jewels of the Royal Family 
will make any woman wearing it look like a true noble. 




Blue Sapphires

When it comes to blue sapphire, we can distinguished two main category. The lighter cornflower blue sapphire and richer royal blue sapphire. They are both considered top quality sapphires and are grandly sought after. Sapphires can be found all over the world.

Musza's Sapphires are mainly sourced from the mines of Sri-Lanka. This gems have the reputation of being associated with royalty and for good reason. The most famous sapphire has to be Lady Di marvelous royal blue engagement ring.

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