2005 - Founded by Esther Ho

In 2005, Esther Ho began her journey at Raffles Hotel Arcade when she opened her luxury event consultancy and multi-brand concept retail boutique, Zenith Affair. With decades of experience in operating a jewellery manufacturing business and managing high-end brands, it’s no wonder Esther Ho has a flair to foresee trendsetting-jewellery styles.

2005 to 2019 - Zenith Affair

After the announcement of the Raffles Hotel’s refurbishment in 2016, Esther Ho devoted her time to conceptualize Carat 55, an online bespoke jewellery brand that specialises in trendy fine jewellery ranging from wedding essentials to personalized milestone pieces, and even chic everyday jewels for the sophisticated millennials today. Carat 55 is now managed by her daughter, Zoie.

2019 - MUS.za

On 1st November 2019, Esther Ho introduced MUS.za, a museum-worthy jewellery boutique back to the newly refurbished Raffles Hotel.

Our boutique offers Singaporeans and foreign visitors alike an exclusive peek into the world of modern aristocrats. The creative freedom is endless with MUS.za. With each piece formed only by the finest materials and created with innovative thoughtful design and meaningful artistry, the design house only showcase jewels benefiting a zenith of today.